Half price on frames

Lens Materials:


This is the most common material because it is half the weight of glass and much more impact resistant.


Polycarbonate is the lightest and most impact resistant material. These lenses also include 100% UV protection.


This is a thinner material in varying indecies.  Hi-index lenses also provide 100% UV protection.


Although glass was the first material used to make eyeglass lenses, it is the least popular because of it’s weight and lack of impact resistance.  Glass is also available in hi-index.

Lens Designs:

Single Vision

Corrects one field of vision (distance or near).


Corrects two fields of vision (distance and near), with a line separating each field. Bifocal lines are unsightly and create a disturbing jump in your vision when you move from close-up to distance vision.


corrects three fields of vision (distance, intermediate, and near), with a line separating each field. Trifocals have the same drawbacks as bifocals plus the addition of another line on  your lenses.

Progressive (multifocal)

Corrects all fields of vision and are designed to deliver maximum performance while providing the most natural vision. This is accomplished by smooth, uninterrupted transition from one viewing distance to another, so you’ll always experience the clearest close-up, intermediate, and distance vision without unsightly lines.