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Q: What is the best way to clean my eyeglassesω

A: When cleaning your plastic lenses you must ensure they are wet. Run them under warm water and use a little soap. Use your fingers to move the soap around in order to coat the entire lens, rinse with warm water, and dry with a soft clean cloth. All optical stores carry special cleaners for cleaning eyeglasses, which are very convenient when you are away from home. Keep a bottle in your purse, your car, your desk, etc.

Q: My job requires me to spend many hours a day at a computer terminal. By the end of the day my eyes are very tired and strained. What causes this and is there anything I can do about itω

A: Eye fatigue is caused by glare from your computer screen and the more time you spend at the computer the more this affects your eyes. An anti-reflective coating can virtually eliminate glare by reducing reflections on the surface of your lenses. This improves your vision and results in less eyestrain.

Q: I always have a problem with glare when I drive in the night time. Whyω

A: When driving at night, light reflects off the surface of uncoated lenses and creates ghost images around oncoming headlights. These ghost images cause distractions and create blurred vision. When an anti-reflective coating is applied to your lenses, these ghost images are virtually eliminated. This allows your eyes to focus clearly on the road ahead, making it safer for you and those around you.

Q: I have recently been told that I have an Astigmatism. What is thisω

A: The shape of a normal cornea is round. Astigmatism is caused when your cornea becomes oval shaped. An uncorrected astigmatism may cause blurred, distorted vision and annoying symptoms of eyestrain such as headaches, fatigue, and poor visual concentration. Approximately 85-90% of all eyewear contains correction for astigmatism. Gradual changes in astigmatism do occur with time.

Q: Is it really necessary to wear sunglasses to protect my eyesω

A: Absolutely! Sunglasses have two major purposes - to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation and to provide comfortable vision. Ultra violet radiation is absorbed by the eye's lens located inside the eye behind the pupil. Over a lifetime, excessive exposure to this UV radiation may cause cumulative damage in the form of cataracts and/or retinal degeneration. The depletion of the earth's ozone layer is adding increasing danger of UV damage to our eyes. Not all sunglasses are equal in quality. They will vary in UV protection, light transmission, and optical quality.