Half price on frames

Your old eyeglasses can make a difference!

How many of us tuck our old glasses away in a drawer "just in case" we need them.

Very often, they don't see the light of day again. By taking your old glasses to Dr. Specs Optical, you can help the less fortunate see.

The owner of Dr. Specs Optical became involved in dispensing eyeglasses in third world countries. Through "The Third World Eyecare Society", as well as other orgainizations, Catharine has assisted on many missions over the years.  She has visited countries such as Guatemala, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.

Missions consist of a team of eye doctors and opticians. They fit hundreds of people with glasses, which makes a profound difference in their lives. By helping these people see, you can help a child go back to school, a mother feed her child, or a man get a job.